We are in the epicenter of unprecedented times. Who would’ve thought that months ago the world would be in the predicament it is today. From toilet paper stockpiling, to social distancing and self-quarantine COVID-19 has certainly kept us all on our toes. I remember thinking in February when we started seeing cases pop up in the US, that it’d never become a worldwide pandemic boy was I wrong. If you would’ve told me that we, as one of the most developed countries in the world, would not have the know-how or preparedness plan to keep this virus contained I’d think you were joking. As cases increase and state officials loosen their reign on restrictions it is hard to know when we will return to a new normal.  So, in the meantime how do we continue to quarantine and chill without going crazy?coronavirus-4939242_1920

I for one have been in the house with my now 10-month-old  and husband since March. We are all surviving and thriving! My husband and I have managed not to get on each other’s nerves so much that one of us ends up camping out in the backyard. We’ve also eaten healthy enough that neither one of us have succumbed to the quarantine fifteen. Don’t get me wrong we have totally stuffed our faces while supporting local and eating curbside pickup.  My husband is working from home which is a treat for me and the baby, however, we can be quite distracting. I have to remind myself daily not to walk in on one of his zoom calls in my pumping bra or ask him to examine the baby’s poop because the color is not it’s usual shade. So far so good, his boss hasn’t seen me in my birthday suit, I’d call that a win. I am also grateful that he is still in love with me despite my bushy eyebrows, upper lip stache, and mom bun. Who am I kidding quarantine or not I am still a fine young tenderoni. No, I am actually savage, classy, a bit bougie but no ratchet! Although we have tried to keep positive about the current state of the world, we have days when we are emotional.

One of the biggest upsets is our family hasn’t been able to witness our 10-month-olds major milestones. She’s crawling, almost walking, and is close to her first birthday.  Thankfully, Facetime and Facebook messenger has kept our family in close touch.  My husband and I have also celebrated a few milestones without our families. We celebrated our three-year wedding anniversary in March, my husband celebrated his 27th birthday in April, I had my first Mother’s Day in May, and Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. While things don’t seem the same there is a lot to be thankful for.

I have summed up this experience in one word: quarantime. What exactly does that mean? It means, finding time to focus on things that matter the most. Prior to this pandemic I know we all complained about how tired we were or how we wish we could spend more time with those we love. This pandemic has taught us to rest, to spend time with those closest to us, and to live life at the moment. This isn’t an easy time, however, you should take time doing what you love while spending it with those you love the most!